Formerly the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio, Reign Dance Productions has over 50 years of teaching experience, instilling a love for dance in every child! 

Reign Dance Productions provides outstanding education in a positive environment 
that focuses on the life skills of dependability, punctuality, and responsibility. 
We strive to instill students with not only the technical training to pursue a professional dance career, but more importantly, to arm them with essential life lessons that lead to success in all of their endeavors.
At Reign Dance Productions, children learn to express themselves and celebrate their creativity through the Performing Arts.

They will stand a little taller, speak a little clearer, and confidently step on stage! 
Our incredibly talented teachers combined with wonderfully supportive parents and fabulous students 
have earned Reign Dance Productions a place as one of the top studios in the United States.


Hollywood Vibe Competition Results

Hollywood Vibe – Pittsburgh January 9-11, 2015
Senior Dancer of the Year – Payton Ackerman
LA Agency Award – Payton Ackerman & Brooke Kosinski
Team Hollywood Vibe Scholarship – Payton Ackerman
Nationals Scholarship Receipients – Haley Vrolijk & Keara Sweeney
Scholarship Finalists – Madison Porter, Kylie Edwards, Jessa Kinter, Brooke Kosinski
3rd Overall Mini Soloist – Rylee Pratt
4th Overall Intermediate Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
4th Overall Senior Soloist – Payton Ackerman
5th Overall Mini Soloist – Makayla Clark
5th Overall Junior Soloist- Sarah Hunt
5th Overall Intermediate Soloist – Selah Curran
5th Overall Teen Soloist – Ryan Nogy
1st Senior Jazz Soloist – Payton Ackerman
1st Senior Open Soloist – Ian Schmoke
1st Senior Tap Soloist – Olivia Ice
1st Teen Lyrical Soloist – Keara Sweeney
1st Teen Musical Theater Soloist – Madison Porter
1st Intermediate Acro Soloist – Haley Vrolijk
1st Intermediate Jazz Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
1st Intermediate Tap Soloist – Selah Curran
1st Junior Lyrical Soloist – Sarah Hunt
1st Mini Acro Soloist – Rylee Pratt
1st Mini Open Soloist – Makayla Clark
2nd Overall Senior Group – Never Gonna Change
4th Overall Senior Group – Forget the Past
2nd Senior Small Group – Never Gonna Change
3rd Senior Small Group – Forget the Past


Monday - Thursday 4pm to 8pm
Friday - Sunday hours vary due to rehearsals/competitions – Please call first!